Farmers’ Almanac DailyCal

The Farmers’ Almanac DailyCal app has all of the tips, lore and capsules of wisdom you’ll need!

978-1-4650-1027-8 Farmers' Almanac 2014 Square Calendar

978-1-4650-1027-8 Farmers’ Almanac 2014 Square Calendar

Coming this September, the DailyCal app will be released with the free Farmers’ Almanac daily calendar bundle. With a granule of wisdom for every day of 2017, this handy companion to the compendium of knowledge known as the Farmers’ Almanac will prove valuable to the casual soothsayer or seasoned prognosticator. Pick up the Farmers’ Almanac book, wall or boxed calendar today and get ready for the upcoming release of the DailyCal Farmers’ Almanac app.

The DailyCal app is a fun calendar app built for iPhone. Each day of the year, a new morsel of knowledge is unlocked. Share this wisdom with you friends and family or keep it to yourself, it is up to you. Content such as images, tips, puzzles, trivia and more can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, by email or text message.

978-1-4650-1525-9 Farmers' Almanac 2014 Boxed Calendar

978-1-4650-1525-9 Farmers’ Almanac 2014 Boxed Calendar

The 2017 release will include popular titles such as the Farmers’ Almanac, Marilu Henner’s Total Memory Makeover, 365 Days of Puppies, Kittens and Horses. Download the 2017 DailyCal app today and enjoy Marilu Henner’s Total Memory Makeover 2017 for free!

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